Fine Motors Skills

bajo acrobats

Country : Poland Game of physical and mental skills for 1-2players, in which the objective is to cr..


bajo asymmetrical arches

Country : Poland This is a puzzle and a construction set rolled into one.Children nest the asymmetr..


bajo castle stacker

Country : Poland Castle stacker is a wonderful educational wooden toy and puzzle for 2 year olds. A..


bajo choo-choo ding

Country : Poland The Bajo choo choo ding solid timber train consists of 3 parts - the engine, the c..


bajo dog pull toy large

Country : Poland Dachshund puppy moves as real animal when pulled along. The body and tail wag when..


bajo dog pull toy small

Country : Poland A Beautiful keepsake toy, children love to push and pull along this wooden dog by ..


bajo double frog

Country : Poland Pull the frogs forward or backward and they jump forward alternatively imitating t..


bajo dragon

Country : Poland When pulled, the dragon opens the mouth and flaps the wings...


bajo funky hair

Country : Poland It consist in the creative use of strings and beads in oder to make fancy haircuts..


bajo gothic city

Country : Poland Wooden blocks "Gothic City" - 123 blocks of different shapes with painted windows ..


bajo jojo

Country : Poland This yoyo climbs up and down the finger-tethered string as you'd expect. It comes ..


bajo lkw kipper / tipper

Country : Poland Container of the cargo truck has a removable top. When installed it serves as a sh..


bajo LKW PC / truck

Country : Poland This truck with a detachable trailer and block stacker (including the fifteen bloc..


bajo pentomino

Country : Poland The Pentomino puzzle also includes and booklet containing different shapes you can..


bajo rattle fish

Country : Poland A wooden rattle in the shape of a fish.A real bell, sturdy teething ring...


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