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Update on March 4, 2016
Important Notice
These terms and conditions will apply when you access our website. Before proceeding, we ask that you read and accept these terms and conditions. Please note that by using our Website you will be deemed to have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions contained herein.
This Website is operated by EU Production, and any products and services provided hereunder shall be supplied by EU Production. References in these Terms and Conditions to “we” or “us” shall be deemed to be references to EU Production.
Welcome to use or register as a member at www.eu-production.hk ("this Website") of EU Production.
Please read the following terms of use of this Website ("these Terms of Use") carefully. Your use of this Website means that you have accepted these Terms of Use. If you are unwilling to be bound by these Terms of Use, please do not use this Website. If you register as a member of this Website or use or register at this Website, after you have completed the form and press the button "submit", it indicates that you have read and understood these Terms of Use and agreed to be bound by them. EU Production reserves the right to change or modify the contents of this Website at any time and has the right to unilaterally change these Terms of Use without notification. You should regularly visit this Website to find out whether these Terms of Use that are binding on you have been revised, as your continued use of this Website indicates your acceptance of any change to these Terms of Use. "You", "your", and "users" refer to any person and/or entity that accesses this Website for any reason.

1. Description of services provided by this Website
This Website provides information about us, product information, member registration, promotion, news, and how to contact us.

2. Personal use
All the information contained within this Website is for reference, interaction and purchase only. It is for individual use only and should not be used for commercial purposes. You agree not to, in any way, disseminate, announce, spread, revise, display or sell any of the contents of or the products described in this Website, or any derivative works based on them, or use such works. You agree to indemnify EU Production against any of your unauthorized use of any material from this Website, defend EU Production and prevent EU Production from any harm. You agree that your unauthorized use of the contents of this Website may result in irredeemable losses to EU Production and in the event of your unauthorized use, EU Production has the right to apply for a restraining order in addition to any other remedies under common law or equity.

3. Data collection statement
When you use or register as a member of this Website and/or register at this Website, you may have to provide to EU Production your information (including but not limited to your name, gender, age range, contact details, payment details and email address) ("Data"). You agree to provide to EU Production such information voluntarily. If the information you provided is incomplete or incorrect, EU Production will be unable to register you or provide or continue to provide related services, or may not allow you to enter or may discontinue your use of this Website. You assure EU Production that the information you provide EU Production is correct, truthful, valid and complete. EU Production has the right, without notice, to cancel your registrations and qualifications and/or refuse to allow you to use this Website or its services at the present time or in the future. Please go to the link for EU Production privacy policy.

4. Registration and cancellation of membership and deletion of Data
When registering as a member, you may need to select the user name and password. You must keep your user name and password confidential and should use such user name and password for any activity. EU Production will not be responsible, whether or not you are aware of it, for any loss caused by activities carried out by stolen user name and password and in this case you agree to remain responsible for any activity carried out by such user name and password or any loss caused to EU Production because of that.
If you breach any of these Terms of Use, or EU Production suspects that you breach any of these Terms of use, or EU Production believes that your actions have violated applicable laws or damaged the interests of EU Production, its affiliates or other users, EU Production reserves the absolute right to without notice to you revoke your membership registration and qualifications, or terminate your access to this Website or use its service, and take legal action against you.
You can after having registered as a member of this Website e-mail privacy@eu-production.hk at any time and make request to EU Production for withdrawal of membership. Except where you notify EU Production in writing to delete your Data, EU Production reserves the right after withdrawal of your membership to continue use your Data in accordance to these Terms of Use in order to send you information about EU Production from time to time.

5. Promotional activities
EU Production will periodically carry out promotional activities on this Website. If the promotional activity involves winning or other rewards, EU Production will be the final arbitrator according to its records and you shall not dispute such decision.

6. Underage persons
If you are under 18 or considered as underage by law or do not have the ability to make a contract or are unable to bear any legal responsibility, and when using this Website gives rise to legal obligation or responsibilities, you should not provide any personal information described in these Terms of Use and will not be allowed to use this Website. If you want to enter and browse this Website, you must seek the approval of your parent or guardian regarding the legal implications of these Terms of Use and the consequences that entail. EU Production assumes that all users of this Website are of legal age. EU Production is not obliged to check your age but if it is found that any user is underage, EU Production reserves the right to take action against such user or his/her parents/guardian including cancelling your membership registration or refusing your access to this Website.

7. Use of materials
The contents of this Website, including text, diagrams, images, music, symbols, graphic button, links, HTML code, trade mark, software and other materials and all the materials of this Website (including the collection, arrangement and compilation of such materials) ("Materials") are protected by copyright law, trade mark law and other applicable laws. All Materials are the exclusive property of EU Production or website contents provider of EU Production or its clients. Unauthorized use of any Materials is an infringing act under the copyright law, the trade mark law or other applicable laws. If you make any copy of the Materials, you must retain the notice of copyright, trade mark, service logo or other exclusive rights as used in the original copy. You could only make one copy, and unless otherwise provided, such copy can only be used for personal use, not commercial use. Without any prior written permission from EU Production, you shall not, for any public or commercial purpose, sell or modify the Materials, copy, reproduce, re-issue, upload, download, publish, transmit, display, publicly implement, issue the Materials in any way, store the Materials in the retrieval system or use it in any other way.

8. Legal use of this Website
You can only use this Website for legal purposes and cannot use this Website to, in any way, infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or invade the privacy of other users or acquire their identities or any other personal details, or damage any part of this Website, the Materials and/or products provided in this Website. You have the responsibility to judge whether any of your actions will infringe the rights as described above. You shall not, in any way, change any Materials or product provided in this Website and shall not interfere with the operation of this Website in any way, including but not limited to, transmitting software viruses or transmitting any computer code or message designed to shut down, interfere with or change the operation of this Website. You shall also not use this Website or other method to collect the details of other users. Without express permission from EU Production, this Website or any part thereof shall not be reproduced, copied, printed, sold, transferred or used for any commercial purposes.

9. Linking
You may not link this Website to any other Website without our prior written consent. Where we provide links to a third party website, we do not take any responsibility for or make any warranties, representations or undertakings about the content of any other website which may be referred to or accessed by hypertext links in, from or with this Website, and we do not endorse or approve the content of such third party websites.
10. Limitation of liability
There may be incorrect material or typesetting errors in this Website. EU Production does not give any implied or non-expressed guarantee and does not guarantee the correctness, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any material of this Website. EU Production does not accept any liability for the contents of other websites or anything uploaded on this Website or linked to this Website, including but not limited to any fallacies, errors, omissions, infringements, libel, lies or any other material or omission that is likely to be illegal or gives rise to a claim or complaint. You will be responsible for any consequences resulting from use of this Website or its links. These websites are likely to change at any time or change periodically, so please check related materials regularly. EU Production does not guarantee the following: this Website will be totally free of errors now and in the future, this Website and its server will always be free of computer viruses or other harmful function, that any shortcoming will be corrected or that this Website is timely, safe and will not be discontinued. If your use of these website material results in the need to repair or renew equipment or data, EU Production accepts no liability for any resulting expenses. For any damage or injury, regardless of direct or indirect breach of contract, infringement, negligence or any factor (including but not limited to, accidental damage, indirect damage, loss of profit, or damage resulting from the loss of data or business termination), arising from use or inability to use the materials of these websites, or implementation failure, error, omission, discontinuation, deletion, shortcoming, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication cable malfunction, interception of on-line communication, soft or hard ware problem (including but not only loss of data or compatibility problems), theft or resulting from damage or changes to the websites whether or not a result of the use of this Website or uploading or downloading of this Website's data, text, images or other materials or data, and regardless of whether EU Production's has been notified of the likelihood of such damage, EU Production and any third party mentioned on this Website shall not, within the legally allowed scope, bear any liability.

11. Compensation
In the event of any compensation claim, program, damage compensation, injury, debt, loss, costs and expenditure (including reasonable legal costs and expenditure) arising from the user's infringement of these Terms of Use or illegal behavior, the user agrees to compensate EU Production and its affiliates, related companies, associated companies, senior employees, agents, joint brand owners or other partners and employees, defend them and prevent them from loss.

12. Applicable law
These Terms of Use shall be interpreted according to the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ("Hong Kong") and be governed by Hong Kong laws. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts for any disagreement, dispute or claim between EU Production and you.